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  • Mentoring Provides Encouragement
  • Mentoring Promotes Professionalism
  • Mentoring Provides Personal Fulfillment
  • Mentoring Boosts Confidence
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I Want to Mentor

Generally, a mentor will provide advice based upon knowledge and insight based upon experience.  The mentor contributions help the mentee to avoid, or at least minimize, the pitfalls and failures that otherwise occur along the learning path.  A supportive mentor:

  • Will listen attentively;
  • Will provide encouragement;
  • Will provide candid advice and opinions;
  • Will point out potential hazards and pitfalls;
  • Will educate and inform with anecdotes from experience;
  • Will assist with networking among existing connections;
  • Will share details of key contacts and special resources;
  • Will provide guidance and inspiration; and
  • Will encourage a healthy work-life balance.

I Want a Mentor

Generally, a mentee will welcome and respect the knowledge and insight received with the understanding and appreciation that the access to a mentor is providing the mentee with an opportunity to fast-track along the career path.  A receptive mentee:

  • Will listen attentively;
  • Will openly exhibit humility;
  • Will forthcomingly communicate;
  • Will demonstrate trust and faith;
  • Will establish reasonable expectations;
  • Will efficiently respect time constraints;
  • Will provide constructive feedback;
  • Will prepare diligently; and
  • Will perform effectively.

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ATTENTION: Do not send confidential information through this website form.  Use this website form only for making an introduction.
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